The IILIFE’s primary strategy is to positively impact it's community members (investors, club members, employees) through equity investments in acquiring, and ground up development of premium multifamily and mixed-use Live*Work*Play rental communities. IILIFE's goal is to provide high amenity resort style life experiences to it's community members while providing legacy wealth to it's investors.

The Fund will primarily invest, through both debt and equity, in the ground up development, acquisition, improvement and management of premium residential real estate with a focus on real estate in markets with strong fundamentals.
The Fund will also primarily focus on growth oriented investments structured to provide strong growth, limited volatility, and tax shelter to its investors. The current focus is mostly in core markets and vacation destinations that top 1% would love to visit and/or live during their golden years.


– Legacy wealth building through company growth and ultimately shareholder value
– Tax sheltered evergreen real estate fund
– Targeted returns of 5X++ in 8 -10 Years

Accredited investors only*
Fund Type
Real Estate Equity
IILIFE Investments
The Company’s business is to invest in and operate strategic real estate assets and conduct real estate-related activities that the Company hopes will deliver superior financial returns to its stakeholders and create a positive impact for the community. The Company will make primarily equity investments in acquiring and/or building resort style multifamily, and mixed-use Live*Work*Play communities.
Direct/Indirect Security
Investors purchase Class A Non- Voting Preferred Stock (the “Class A Preferred Stock”), which will be invested into and primarily backed by real estate projects of the Company.
Inception Date
September 6, 2023
Distribution Frequency
Not applicable due to nature of projects. Returns are driven by increase in share value
Management Fee
1% annual management services fee based on the net equity value of the Company
Preferred Return
Investors are entitled to a 2x minimum return on their investment made at the original share issuance price prior to any profit participation by the management or other shareholders.
Management Performance Fees
Management may be awarded up to 49,999,000 non-voting shares subject to performance thresholds that sit behind the minimum return rights of investors.
The investment is illiquid. Possible exit via secondary markets (+/-2yrs) or IPO (8-10 years)
Benefits of Leverage
IRA Investment Option
Tax Shelter through Depreciation
QBI (199A) Deduction Eligible
VOTING RIGHTS Voting is controlled by the Class B Voting Common Stock held by Ravi Katta, the Company’s Founder, President and CEO, and Chairman of the Board.
Subject to UBIT
The following actions may not be taken by management without the vote or written consent of Investors:
(a) altering or changing the rights, powers or privileges of the Class A Preferred Stock in a way that materially, adversely and in a discriminatory manner affects the Class A Preferred Stock; or
(b) authorizing or creating (by reclassification or otherwise) any new class or series of capital stock (including any security convertible into or exercisable for capital stock) having rights, powers, or privileges that are senior to the Class A Preferred Stock.
Offering Size
$200,000,000 Offering of 200,000,000 Class A Preferred Stock shares, issued at $1.00 per share.
Minimum Investment
Manager Co-Investment
Must Be Accredited
Tax Reporting Method
Institutional Option
Reporting Frequency

Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.Potential Investors must represent and warrant to the Company that they have the financial ability to bear the economic risk of investment in the Company (including the total loss of that investment), have adequate means of providing for their current needs and personal contingencies, and have no need for liquidity with respect to investment in the Company.

* Accredited Investor Definition: For an individual to be considered an accredited investor, he or she must have a net worth of at least one million U.S. dollars, not including the value of one’s primary residence or have income at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or $300,000 together with his or her spouse if married) and have the expectation to make the same amount this year.

Risk Disclaimer: Investing in private real estate funds and notes secured by real estate has certain inherent risks, which could result in the loss of some or all of your principal investment. Your decision to purchase and invest should be based on your own particular financial circumstances and investment objectives. IILIFE inc., its officers, and representatives can in no way guarantee or warrant The Company’s or your investment’s success. Consult your tax advisor or financial advisor before investing. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Please see fund offering documents for full details and disclosure.


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