Maximizing Returns: Unlocking Investor Benefits with IILIFE

A diversified win-win long-term way to Invest

IILIFE makes investing simple yet diversified across geographies and assets.

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Getting out of the Rat Race journey begins by taking financial responsibility and learning the skills needed to start investing in the right assets and ultimately achieve Financial Freedom.

5 Main Reasons to Invest in IILIFE

Some of IILIFE advantages include...

Access to professional-grade technology and team

We utilize several advanced technology platforms to help us make better property acquisition and management decisions by expert team.

Low minimum investment

At IILIFE, we kept the minimum to invest at $250,000. We have removed the high barriers of entry to rental real estate investing.

Diversify your investments

Diversification is a potent tool for reducing risk. You are accessing this diversification by investing in multiple real estate properties, markets, or asset types.

No Operational Responsibility

IILIFE takes all operational responsibility for managing these properties, so you can sit back and relax.

Truly Passive and Capital Appreciation

We have designed our product around ensuring that your capital is preserved and appreciated over time to create legacy wealth for you and your family. Investors have a truly passive way of investing with zero work yet amazing upside.

Top Renters

We vet our long-term tenants, and they can become co-investors by buying shares in the rental property they are staying in.

Benefits from Scale

Thanks to our scale of operations, we can further decrease many different types of costs and improve overall returns.

No personal liability

We place all new properties in an LLC, which means there is zero personal liability for investors from any lawsuits or personal guarantees for financing debt.

Access to the most lucrative markets

We only focus on markets with the highest returns, even if those markets are very far away from where you live.

Liquidity Through Tokenization

Tokenized IILIFE assets provide liquidity to the IILIFE tribe of investors by making it easier for people to trade and invest in properties. May chose to use the same tokenization approach so investors can buy and sell fractional ownership in a property, which was not possible before.

Simple and Fast

Simplified process of investing in real estate vs. traditional hassles of investing

IILife Handles the Heavy Lifting

In just 4 simple steps you can join this opportunity by participating in founder shares.

**Investors who have made their investment before certain dates will receive option warrants**

IILIFE founding team

Has Committed To Personally Invest
$1M - $5M at $1=$1.

IILIFE will be at the same valuation you’re receiving! That’s why we call these shares “Founder Shares.” IILIFE’s shares, however, will be different in that they will have voting rights.

Unique Investor-Friendly

Valuation Structure

The IILIFE seed round won’t have an overvalued pricing or any immediate dilution. As you may be aware typical companies raise capital at much-inflated levels. As an example, a newer RE company “Flow”, founded by the CEO of WeWork, raised over $350 million at a valuation of over $1 billion. According to reports, investors contributed a minimum of $2.85 for every $1 they put into the Flow company. With IILife, you would invest $1 for $1. The price of the shares IILIFE founders purchase will be the same as your purchase price; $1 = $1. For example, IILIFE founders would own 5% of the firm with a $5M investment when we raise $100 million seed capital.

No Traditional "Dilution" At Initial Raise

The shares IILIFE founders purchase is valued at the same level as all other seed round investors unlike typical “premium valuations”. This demonstrates that the founders, as well as all other members of the management team, are paying the same price to purchase shares as any investor would. There isn’t the typical “dilution” present in seed rounds.

$0 Initial Salary To IILIFE Founders

IILIFE founders will not take an initial salary or bonuses in order to align shareholder interests and generate maximum valuation for the company and its investors. IILIFE founders, board, executives, and early employees are expected to receive stock options. Westing of these options for funders and others would only happen at IPO or IPO-like events.

A Long-Term WIN-WIN Model

  • Clear Path To Revenue

    We know the model. Now it's time to grow. With scale, we can likely have significantly better margins than a small-time investor.

  • Less-Competitive Arena

    We are not aware of any institutional investors who are focused on acquiring multifamily investments & mixed-use developments with the mindset of long-term wealth to serve Technology people and Entrepreneurs. This means IILife has a unique advantage in competing with other typical syndicators and institutions focused on short-term/flipping models, significantly reducing our competition and hopefully increasing our returns as we only take decisions that create long-term wealth for all parties involved.

  • Higher Margins For All.

    Our long-term approach of acquiring and/or build2rental model allows us to potentially acquire deals at profitable prices, while still beating flippers or iBuyers.

  • Tech, Real Estate & Entrepreneurial Community Bonus.

    With the founders being successful technology & real estate entrepreneurs with a passion to help fellow tech & entrepreneurs with a huge reach of millions, we have the advantage of being able to tap into our own built-in community to buy multifamily apartments by building partnerships with agents, lenders, and contractors - as well as finding tenants and future investors.

  • Future Equity Potential.

    If deemed profitable for the company and its investors, we may offer stock in IILife to tenants or agents who work with us.

  • Tax Advantages.

    We’ll have the option of using section 1031 tax-deferred, like-kind exchanges to defer taxes and increase shareholder value. Though deferred, some consider this tax-free (delayed) equity appreciation. We can also, at scale, implement IRS section 179, which allows accelerated depreciation through cost segregation.

The Earlier You Sign, the More Call-Style Options You Get FREE!

Free warrants, which are akin to stock options, are awarded based on when you invest. You will be able to invest more in the future at the initial seed-round valuation ($1=$1) thanks to these warrants.
If and when we have a “Second-Seed” call, you have the opportunity to raise your investment in the future at the same valuation. These choices are NOT required to be used, and they will terminate 60 days after the start of the second-seed round. Investors will be eligible to participate in the second seed round and buy more shares depending on how quickly they invested if their funds were received before specified deadlines.
In the second seed round, you would be able to invest an extra $120,000 (40%) at the $1=$1 value if you invested $300,000 by November 30th, as an illustration. You would be able to invest an extra $50,000 (50%) at the initial seed-round value in the future if you have invested $100,000 on or before December 31st.

Additionally, if you are a member of IILIFE's INVESTANDIMPACT.LIFE, you'll have the ability to add another 10% to the table above. So, if you invested $500,000 before December 31st, you'd have the option to invest an additional total of $250,000 (50%) at the $1=$1 valuation.

Why INVEST in Real Estate

Why INVEST with IILife


Multifamily real estate, when properly researched, can provide steady, dependable cash flow.


You should get back more than you invested.


Visit with your accounting professional to determine the potential tax benefits in your situation.


Real estate does not experience the same volatile peaks and valley fluctuations of the stock market.


Multifamily is a hedge against inflation, as property values increase with inflation.


Real estate balances your investment portfolio and isn't affected by corporate earning reports and market news.


Real estate is one of the best ways to build generational wealth and leave a legacy.


Our leadership team possesses over 100 years combined experience across all multifamily disciplines.


We focus on what we know in market we know. Our local teams assist in identifying trends and opportunities.


Our in-house team utilizes Wall Street private equity level underwriting and analysis strategies.


We are vertically integrated operators and don't rely on third-party companies to oversee or investments.


IILIFE Ventures personally INVEST our money alongside our investors, sharing in the risk and rewards.


We've consistently generated returns of 25+% annually and have experience with value add opportunities.


We're service-oriented, relationship-driven company with Integrity, Transparency, and Excellence as core values.


Ready To Join IILIFE Team?

Invest now while our Seed Round is open.
This may be the only time we raise funds before our IPO.
**Investors who have made their investment before certain dates will receive option warrants**

We Know You Have Questions

The IILife is a real estate investment platform that aims to eliminate barriers to entry and
simplify the ability of investors to participate in high quality, institutional grade multifamily and
mixed-use assets. With IILife, investors can purchase founder shares [as part of seed round]
with diversified over multiple markets and assets to reduce exposure to economic shifts, with the
goal of delivering consistent returns.

The IILife provides an efficient opportunity to direct investing without assuming
responsibility for day-to-day operations of the asset or liability for loans. Investors can instead
focus on living an amazing and impactful life knowing IILife assembling targeted
portfolios with allocations across markets and assets, focusing on the only goal of increasing the
value of the company and it’s shareholders.

Multifamily investments provide several benefits for both active and passive investors. First, multifamily real estate is a hedge against inflation. Multifamily also provides tax benefits in the form of cost segregation and depreciation, in this case to IILIFE.Life that ultimately increase the value of the company and it’s shareholders. Multifamily assets also increase in value relative to financial performance.
The IILIFE is currently available only to accredited investors as defined in Rule 501 of Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, who meet certain additional requirements. Investors must meet specific guidelines to qualify as an accredited investor. For a complete definition of “accredited investor” and related criteria, click here.

In General Terms, an accredited investor definition is:
  • – Annual income greater than $200k (each year for the past 2 years)
  • – Joint income greater than $300k (each year for the past 2 years)
  • – Net worth greater than $1M individually or jointly with a spouse (AFTER DEBT and excluding a primary residence, but may include retirement holdings like 401k, IRA, etc.). A credit report may be required to evaluate your outstanding debt.
  • – Hold a valid Series 7, 65, or 82 license, which you may be able to receive before we close the round. Other requirements may be needed.

Anyone may review the IILIFE property, however if you decide to invest in the IILIFE shares and initiate the investment process, you will be asked to verify your accredited investor status. Your the IILIFE subscription will not be confirmed until your accredited investor status is verified.
All investments contain some level of risk, however, real estate, and multifamily real estate in particular, has demonstrated consistent stability when compared to other investment types. Real estate does not experience the same volatile peaks and valley fluctuations of the stock market or cryptocurrency market.

Multifamily is a hedge against inflation, as inflation increases, rents increase and in return property values increase due to higher NOI.

Yes, multifamily real estate, when properly researched and underwritten, can provide steady dependable cash flow on stabilized assets.

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