Your Ideal LIVE. WORK. PLAY Assets & Communities

Create Legacy Wealth, Savor Extraordinary LifeStyle Experiences & Impact Lives.

IILIFE Invest and Impact

IILIFE is a private real estate startup firm focused on new development, value-add, and opportunistic multifamily investments. We’ve directed more than $80M of transactions since 2015 that have generated very attractive returns for our investors.


Creating Legacy Wealth

and Savoring LifeStyle Experiences

while Impacting Lives.

Introducing IILIFE, a different Real Estate Company. Through our alternative investment platform we are dedicated to helping others achieve Financial Freedom to positively impact their lives and those they care about.

with Founder Shares at a $1=$1 Valuation
August 31st is DEADLINE for HIGHEST Benefits

**Investors who have made their investment before certain dates will receive option warrants**

The Opportunity


IILIFE is the alternative investment company that leverages technology and capital backed by Premium Multifamily & Mixed-Use LIVE, WORK, PLAY Asset Based Communities.
Responding to those seeking to build wealth, have liquidity, a great tribe of like-minded individuals, and appreciation of the exclusive lifestyle that is intrinsic parts of the IILIFE approach.

The brand’s journey has been inspired by a singular, authentic, and original intent:

To provide Financial Freedom through high-growth/stable alternative investments and a premium lifestyle experience that is peerless in every way for all of our Tribe, including members, investors, residents, and partners.

IILIFE Founder Shares that opens doors
for A Well-Lived Life

Commit to your LIFE. Design - A Life Well Lived

Live an Amazing Life with Financial Freedom/Wealth from IILIFE – whatever suits your ideal life focus areas [Personal Development, Health, Love/Relationships, Happiness, Joy/Fulfillment].

Diversify Your Investment Strategy

Stable and diversified real estate investments beyond typical Stocks, Bonds, and Crypto.

Take charge of your calendar

Live how you want, leaving active management to your passive Real Estate investment to create Wealth for you and your loved ones.




Preferred Return


Targeted Equity Multiple


Through Tokenization / IPO

8+ YRS

Potential IPO


Low Mgmt Fee

Take Control of your Financial
Future by joining forces with IILIFE at a Founder Shares level
(limited-time offer), allowing you to participate today at $1
investment =$1 valuation level.

Don’t let your busy job or lack of investment knowledge & experience in finding great deals, acquiring them, and managing them get in the way of achieving financial freedom to live an amazing and impactful life.

**Investors who have made their investment before certain dates will receive option warrants**

Headlines From Major Publications May Outline The Current Economy Uncertainty for Technology Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Do you want to be stuck in the Rat Race?

Lose full control of your calendar?


Take Action And Achieve Financial Freedom?

What IILIFE Means To You As An Investor

You can diversify your investment portfolio with real estate exposure through IILIFE without the uncertainty or hassles associated with real estate investments.

– Researching to identify real estate deals that produce positive returns.​

– Find the right lenders to procure the financing and equity if needed to close the deal.​

– Managing properties directly or identifying a property management company to work with, and contractors to renovate the property or ongoing maintenance issues. ​

– Locating the tenants that are qualified, working through the rental agreements, collecting rent, and of course, dealing with evictions if they don’t pan out.​

– Managing portfolios with market fluctuations and increased tenant-vacancy risks​

– Handling regulatory and tax issues from cost segregations, depreciations, 1031 exchanges, capital improvements, and short-term vs long-term appreciation just to list a few.​

– Dealing with insurance disputes and legal liabilities from tenants trying to take advantage of landlords.​


1. Click the "apply to invest" button.

Fill out the form and answer a few questions.

2. Upload Accredited Investor Verification.

You can use our partner InvestReady to become verified.

3. Sign the Deposit Letter.

By signing this document you are agreeing to acquire IILIFE shares at a price of $1 per share.

4. Wire your funds.

We will email electronic stock certificates upon verification of your funds, and accreditation status by approving your application.
**Investors who have made their investment before certain dates will receive option warrants**

Why INVEST in Real Estate


Real Estate, when properly researched, can provide steady, dependable cash flow.


You should get back more than you invested.


Visit with your accounting professional to determine the potential tax benefits in your situation.


Real estate does not correlate with the same volatile peaks and valley fluctuations of the stock market.


Real Estate is a hedge against inflation, as property values typically increase with inflation.


Real estate balances your investment portfolio and provides additional streams of income and appreciation that aren’t to corporate earnings reports and market news.


Through the centuries, real estate has remained one of the best ways to build generational wealth and leave a legacy.



Our leadership team possesses over 100 years combined experience across an array of investment disciplines.


We focus on what we know in markets we know. Our local teams assist in identifying trends and opportunities.


Our in-house team utilizes institutional quality underwriting and analysis strategies.


We are vertically integrated operators and don't rely on third-party companies to oversee or investments.


IILIFE Ventures personally INVEST our money alongside our investors, sharing in the risk and rewards.


We've consistently generated returns of 25+% annually and have experience with value-add opportunities.


We're service-oriented, relationship-driven company with Integrity, Transparency, and Excellence as core values.

Our Experience, Current and Past Projects

We aren't a REIT or Syndication.

we're an Alternative Investment Company.

IILIFE is an alternative to investing in syndications, which are frequently created to benefit the general partners (Promoters) of that syndication. IILIFE is made to provide the seed investor with the same financial returns as the founders. Through our model, the investor is seen as a partner at the same level as the founder, yet still benefits from the same risk protection as limited partners in a typical syndication.
Additionally, many syndications and REITs are motivated to invest funds even if the current market conditions or even the asset may not be ideal. Syndications may invest funds at an unreasonable price due to lack of knowledge. REITs are legally required to deploy or return their capital and may opt to deploy the capital for less than desired returns rather than return the funds to investors.
IILIFE’s only obligation is to deploy funds when market signals, timing, and pricing indicate the result will be optimal returns for the investors. We are motivated to purchase assets under market value in order to add equity, increase cash flow, and lower risk. To achieve this, we scale multi-family and mixed-use assets for short, medium, and long-term periods.

How Can IILIFE Compare?



Growth Potential

Investor-Aligned Incentives

Less Fees


*This is a generalization and is our opinion of the comparisons.

What's Your Next Step?

If you’re interested in investing in IILIFE, click on the Apply To INVEST button. You’ll have a few documents to approve and sign. After funding your investment, you’ll obtain your stock issuance details electronically.

With our team, investor friendly business model, and community you are uniquely positioned to embark on what might be the greatest real estate opportunity of the rest of your life.

Share Price: $1 (No Dilution)

**Investors who have made their investment before certain dates will receive option warrants**

We Know You Have Questions

The IILIFE is a real estate investment platform that aims to eliminate barriers to entry and simplify the ability of investors to participate in high quality, institutional grade multifamily and mixed-use assets. With IILIFE, investors can purchase founder shares in a diversified portfolio over multiple markets and assets to reduce exposure to economic shifts, with the goal of delivering consistent returns. The IILIFE provides an efficient opportunity to direct investing without assuming responsibility for day-to-day operations of the asset or liability for loans. Investors can instead focus on living an amazing and impactful life knowing IILIFE assembling targeted portfolios with allocations across markets and assets, focusing on the goal of increasing the value of the company and it’s shareholders.
Real Estate investments provide several benefits for both active and passive investors. First, real estate is a hedge against inflation. Real Estate also provides tax benefits in the form of cost segregation and depreciation, in this case to IILIFE.Life that ultimately increase the value of the company and it’s shareholders. Real Estate assets also increase in value relative to financial performance.

IILIFE is currently available only to accredited investors as defined in Rule 501 of Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, who meet certain additional requirements. Investors must meet specific guidelines to qualify as an accredited investor. For a complete definition of “accredited investor” and related criteria, click here.

In General Terms, an accredited investor definition is:

  • – Annual income greater than $200k (each year for the past 2 years)
  • – Joint income greater than $300k (each year for the past 2 years)
  • – Net worth greater than $1M individually or jointly with a spouse (AFTER DEBT and
    excluding a primary residence, but may include retirement holdings like 401k, IRA, etc.). A
    credit report may be required to evaluate your outstanding debt.
  • – Hold a valid Series 7, 65, or 82 license, which you may be able to receive before we close
    the round. Other requirements may be needed.

If you decide to invest in IILIFE shares and initiate the investment process, you will be asked to verify your accredited investor status. Your the IILIFE subscription will not be confirmed until your accredited investor status is verified.

All investments contain some level of risk and there is always a risk of loss, however, real estate, and multifamily real estate in particular, has demonstrated consistent stability when compared to other investment types. Real estate does not experience the same volatile peaks and valley fluctuations of the stock market or cryptocurrency market.

Real Estate is widely acknowledged as a hedge against inflation, as inflation increases, rents increase and in return property values increase due to higher NOI.

Yes, real estate, when properly researched and underwritten, can provide steady dependable cash flow on stabilized assets.

We’ll have the option of using section 1031 tax-deferred, like-kind exchanges to defer taxes and increase shareholder value. Though deferred, some consider this tax-free (delayed) equity appreciation. We can also, at scale, implement IRS section 179, which allows accelerated depreciation through cost segregation.
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