How it Works

Investors purchase shares of the IILIFE Company who’s only goal is to increase the value of the company and it’s shareholders. Once the purchase is completed, investors sit back and enjoy the growth of company through diversified real estate & mixed-use investments knowing that they still have liquidity through NFT based secondary market in case if they need to sell their shares based on their life events.

The Asset Manager, through one or more property managers, takes care of all day-to-day management of the properties, providing a completely passive experience to investors.


After you’ve invested, we will process your investment. We would send confirmation once wires
are cleared and processed – and we’ll do our best to do so quickly. When the round closes, you’ll
receive an electronic stock certificate that proves the shares you own of IILive.Life™.


Direct ownership is appropriate for those who prefer direct control and active management of the property as a landlord, whereas the IILIFE is intended to be a passive investment. the IILIFE provides an efficient alternative to direct investing (avoiding the need to be on title, obtain mortgages, supervise rehabilitation activities, finding property managers, and handling ownership and tenancy issues).

“IILIFE allows investors to diversify across multiple properties and markets. Single ownership confines you to one asset and any impact market changes have on the asset”

The standard initial investment minimum is $250k. After the initial investment, you can purchase in the increments of $50,000 at a time. There is no limit to the number of shares you can purchase; however, we do monitor that every investor does not exceed the maximum allowable number of shares purchased for a single tracking stock.

If you can get a letter verifying your status as an accredited investor at
Invest-Ready, we should be able to accept your investment. If you wire
international funds, your currency will be converted immediately and you will be given the
shares for the net US Dollars received. So in short, yes, as long as you’re accredited and can get a
letter from investready.com, we should be able to enable you to invest with us – subject to any
potential bans of such investments by your country (we have not encountered one yet).

You can invest as an individual, joint accounts, limited liability company, corporation, revocable trust, irrevocable trust or limited partnership.

Yes, the IILIFE currently allows Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account (SDIRA) investments
into the IILIFE shares.

Please check with your custodian, who may want a copy of our PPM and subscription agreement,
etc. As long as your accredited, you should be able to invest in our company. If you’re investing
using your Roth IRA, you could potentially grow the value of your IILIFE equity tax-free.


With in IILIFE we will have the option of using section 1031 tax-deferred, like-kind exchanges to defer taxes and increase shareholder value. Though deferred, some consider this tax-free (delayed) equity appreciation. We can also, at scale, implement IRS section 179, which allows accelerated depreciation through cost segregation.

If none of the above sounds familiar, just know that we will prioritize using every tax-advantage strategy we can to benefit shareholders.

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