Investment Insights: Your FAQs Answered

With IILIFE, every investment comes with built-in diversification. Shares of Tracking Stock provide exposure to multiple properties while shares of Common Stock provide broad diversification across multiple properties and markets. Whether you purchase Tracking or Common stock, you avoid the idiosyncratic risk of single-property ownership.
Please see “What is the IILIFE?” section for investment goals and also the section where we explain “How can IILIFE compare” where it show cases the difference between IILIFE vs. REIT vs. Syndication vs. DIY model.

Upon achieving scale, we anticipate that the IILIFE will be evergreen, meaning we can hold our investments and continue growing our assets for as long as you would like. While we intend to establish a secondary market for trading the IILIFE shares, an investment in the IILIFE  currently has limited liquidity. As a result, we require that investors in the IILIFE have an investment horizon of at least 5 years.


IILIFE, Inc., or one of IILIFE subsidiaries, serves as Asset Manager. The Asset Manager professionally manages all the properties in IILIFE, through one or more property managers, which in some cases may be an affiliate of the Asset Manager. All property managers will undergo a due diligence process and will have necessary licenses to perform their functions.

After you have signed subscription documents and provided us with funding information, our team will start the verification process. Your investment should take 5 to 10 business days to close depending on additional information that we may require you to provide in order to verify entity documentation, accreditation status and eligibility.
You will not have any capital call obligations.
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