Homestead 15

3.20 Acres

Homestead 15 is a 3.20-acre lot located right before Homestead 17 at the end of the road. The driveway comes off a hammerhead turnaround and goes up to an elevated terrace. This elevated terrace is the building site for the Homestead.
The views that Homestead 15 offers are stunning. With the lot being elevated you will be able to take in 180-degree views of Twin Lakes and the mountains around the area. Behind the lot, you can see Mt. Elbert, the tallest mountain in Colorado, towering above you. These majestic mountain views will make you feel like you are in true country solitude.
To the side of the lot is a stream that runs year-round, so you will always be able to hear running water. Mature trees grow around the homestead and the stream surrounding the property. On the other side of the homestead is direct access to the AngelView trail system. These trails allow homeowners to connect to the rest of the community and appreciate the beautiful Colorado nature. Homestead 15 has many features that make it truly unique.

Homesite Features:

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