Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear

July 13, 2022
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Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear

By: Ravi Katta from IILIFE

If you’re looking for a very practical book to change your view on habits and help improve your daily routine to optimize your time and energy, Atomic Habits is the perfect choice. Not only does James Clear outline his tips and tricks in an effective format that allows even those who don’t enjoy reading to synthesize the information, but his personal writing style is captivating and entertaining, making the read extremely quick and easy.

Below are the main points from the end of each chapter, but I urge you to read the book yourself, as Clear does an excellent job of outlining lessons with enjoyable stories.

The Fundamentals: Why Tiny Changes Make a Big Difference

Chapter 1: The Surprising Power of Atomic Habits

Chapter 2: How Your Habits Shape Your Identity (and Vice Versa)
Chapter 3: How to Build Better Habits in 4 Simple Steps

The First Law: Make It Obvious

Chapter 4: The Man Who Didn’t Look Right

Chapter 5: The Best Way to Start a New Habit
Chapter 6: Motivation is Overrated; Environment Often Matters More
Chapter 7: The Secret to Self-Control

The 2nd law: =Make it Attractive

Chapter 8: How to Make a Habit Irresistible  
Chapter 9: The Role of Family and Friends in Shaping Your Habits
Chapter 10: How to Find and Fix the Causes of Your Bad Habits

The 3rd law: Make it Easy

Chapter 11: Walk slowly, but Never Backward
Chapter 12: The Law of Least Effort  
Chapter 13: How to Stop Procrastinating by Using the Two-Minute Rule
Chapter 14: How to Make Good Habits Inevitable and Bad Habits Impossible  

The 4th law: Make it Satisfying

Chapter 15: The Cardinal Rule of Behavior Change
Chapter 16: How to Stick with Good Habits Every Day
Chapter 17: How an Accountability Partner Can Change Everything

Advanced tactics: How to Go From Being Merely Good to Being Truly Great

Chapter 18: The Truth About Talent (When Genes Matter and When They Don’t)
Chapter 19: The Goldilocks Rule: How to Stay Motivated in Life and Work
Chapter 20: The Downside of Creating Good Habits  

Habit change is not solely based on one conscious decision, but rather, a multitude of marginal improvements to fix your habit systems overall. There is no end all, be all to improving habits, as it is a continuous process, and if you make these tiny changes to your routine, you are sure to see results. For more resources from James Clear, you can check out his website at https://jamesclear.com/atomic-habits and to read more book summaries and for resources related to self improvement, business and real estate, you can refer to our website https://iilife.live/.

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