Angel View at Twin Lakes

May 4, 2024

Welcome to your high mountain Homestead

Our community of secluded ranchettes provides all the best of mountain living. This enclave of tree-laden homesites preserves the natural splendor of the land while providing service and solitude that make the mountains feel like home. 



AngelView is located in the heart of natural beauty and outdoor adventure. Conveniently located near abundant lakes, rivers, mountains, and forests, AngelView embodies Colorado living at its finest.



Every season presents new and exciting adventures to embark upon. Whether adventure calls you to the mountains, the water, or just a place to relax, we invite you to enjoy Colorado’s stunning beauty every day.



Living the ranch life doesn’t have to mean hard work. With a bevy of onsite services from adventure planning to snow removal, our team will help you make the most of your ranchette without all the fuss.


As a national historic district, Twin Lakes sits uniquely untouched in the Colorado Rockies, and AngelView preserves this unparalleled solitude. Escape the crowds but keep all the trails, vistas, and relaxation the mountains can provide.

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