March 17, 2022
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Beginning your real estate investing journey? It can certainly seem like a daunting task with all the terminology to learn, investment types, markets, etc. You may feel overwhelmed by the volume of books, podcasts, and self-proclaimed “experts” on this topic. While the definition of “expert” can vary from field to field, let’s look at what defines a real estate investing expert: The top tier of real estate investors are institutional firms and those who spent decades working in an institutional setting. This is where you should get your information.

Many of the podcast experts, mentors, and “gurus” have never experienced a real estate cycle, been through an economic downturn and their success and the success of their students is being boosted by high demand in a strong market. Many of these people proclaim, “I learned as I went” or “You can learn from my mistakes”. Unfortunately, learning from these people is akin to learning karate from someone who is self-taught; the technique may look impressive but without a real master, a true black belt, teaching you the nuances of how to execute technique, there is no power and in a real-life situation the technique is useless.
There are excellent resources through IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) and NAA (National Apartment Association) that cover underwriting, financing, asset management, and property management. Not only are these great resources, some even being used in university real estate degree programs, but the information provided comes from institutional operators that have decades of knowledge on the subjects.
You can also partner with groups like IILIFE, where Wall Street experience meets Main Street values, and learn from our decades of experience operating assets in multiple states across multiple class and types.

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