Capital Stack - Investor Insights from #IILIFEInvest & #IILIFEVentures

June 6, 2022
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Capital Stack - Investor Insights from #IILIFEInvest & #IILIFEVentures

All investors should know these insights so they understand the risk and rewards of various capital sources!

Obviously, Risk is something all investors need to take it very seriously and mitigate/manage in the best way possible when making an investment decision, whether it’s investing in Real Estate or a technology startup.

With that said your decision varies based on where you are in the capital pool and your investment objectives and risk appetite, i.e., are you in the Preferred Equity pool vs. Common Pool vs. Senior Debt, etc…
There is no perfect silver bullet/formula, but few general rules to consider in a real estate deal…

I personally feel “co-investing” alongside LP’s is going to make big difference for LP’s…We have a 506(c) fund where we are co-investing +/-10% of our own money in three exciting Austin mixed-use/multi-family build to rent projects!
Sorry, lengthy post – but wanted to make sure to give our thoughts so Limited Partners can use these as few data points in making their own decisions as many LP’s don’t get to see what goes on in a sponsor mind in picking the right projects.


IILIFE Ventures is an Austin, Texas based subsidiary of IILIFE. Founded in 2015, IILIFE Ventures has consistently delivered above arrange returns for our investors through carefully vetted and thoroughly researched investment opportunities.

IILIFE Ventures established the REIT Group Curated Fund (RGCF) to capitalize on high growth, highly desired markets like Austin, Texas by developing mixed-use communities that appeal to those seeking a work, live, play lifestyle. IILIFE’s Fund purpose is to reduce risk for investors by also acquiring distressed assets and value add communities throughout carefully selected geographic areas. This diversity of asset class and location reduces risk in the fund, in much the same manner that adding real estate investments as part of your portfolio hedges against the volatility of cryptocurrency, the stock market and inflation.

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