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Oneness and Connection: If you observe the Tree of Life symbol, you’ll see the way that the deep roots fan out in all directions, while at the same time, the branches reach skyward in the same pattern. This symbolizes the way that you, and all living beings, are connected to both Mother Earth and to the Universe. Our physical bodies need the Earth to nourish us, while at the same time, our souls originate from the Universe (or Source) and will return to it once our bodies perish. Likewise, through the Universe, we are not separate; we are connected to all things.

Family and Ancestry: Notice the way that the Tree of Life represents a large family tree. Imagine yourself as the tree’s trunk– one singular unit. If you were to map out all of your great grandparents, for dozens of generations back, your family tree would eventually look like a massive Tree of Life, representing the hundreds of hundreds of people that came together to create you. It’s profound, when you think about it!

Self Growth: The strongest trees in the world– such as the living Tree of Life in Bahrain– have weathered the most turbulent storms, and in fact, these storms made the trees stronger.

Trees’ roots extend far beneath the soil, not only to search for water, but to anchor the tree firmly into the ground in case of heavy wind. This explains why the Tree of Life represents personal growth: the stronger the storm, the stronger the tree.

Groundedness: Similar to the Tree of Life’s “self growth” symbolism, the significance of groundedness has to do with the tree’s seemingly infinite roots. We know, scientifically, that the deeper a tree’s roots stretch, the more resistant they are to harsh weather.

Similarly, we humans must ground ourselves with reverence for the Earth and for our physical bodies. In doing so, we strengthen our root chakras, cultivating a sense of stability, so that we can live with steadfastness no matter what life takes us through.

Cycle of life: Through their reverence of their own great trees, the Celts came to understand a tree’s life cycle through the seasons as an awe-inspiring birth-death-rebirth cycle. This represents a few things: first of all, as humans, we all go through personal growth periods where we feel like everything we identify with is “dying”, only to find a sense of renewed hope and confidence on the other side of this ego death.

Of course, this life cycle also represents the physical human cycle of birth, death, and then, if you choose to believe in it, “rebirth” in the form of reincarnation or a new life in the Spirit World. The Tree of Life can represent this infinite immortality, too– think about how trees produce seeds, which create new trees, even after the original tree has died.

Adaptability: If you grow a tree in a shady area, you’ll notice that its leaves turn towards the sun. If an object stands in the way of a tree’s growth, the tree will grow around it. This is why no two trees are the same.

Think about it: if every tree had to grow in the same, uniform shape, most trees wouldn’t survive, because trees must be adaptable in order to thrive. You, as a human, won’t thrive if you’re too rigid in your expectations of life– just like a tree.

Wisdom/Higher Intelligence: This particular Tree of Life meaning brings us back to the Celts; again, this culture believed that trees were wise, mystical beings. Their culture greatly appreciated the trees’ wisdom, and so, their Tree of Life went on to become a symbol of an intelligence greater than our own.

Individuality: No two trees are uniform. Just like humans, each tree has experienced unique growth, difficulties, and environmental factors. Thus, the Tree of Life can also represent your beautiful uniqueness; you, your ancestry, your unique upbringing, as well as your likes, dislikes, experiences, and a whole Universe of other aspects, cannot quite compare to any other human in the world.

Abundance: When autumn arrives, trees don’t fear losing their leaves. They don’t hold onto the leaves in worry that they’ll never grow new ones. Governed by the loving wisdom of the Earth, trees gracefully release their leaves every fall, stripping themselves bare for the winter in complete trust that they will grow fresh leaves anew in the spring.

As such, the Tree of Life can teach us that abundance is all around us, and that we don’t have to hoard our possessions out of a fear of loss.
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